Translation Quality

This page was written in “Simplified English”.

Warning! Most foreign language pages on this site have been translated by computers and have not been checked for accuracy. Errors may make a translation incomprehensible, or may even contradict the original meaning.

To alert you to the risk of errors, each page is given an ‘Error Risk’ rating. This is described below.

???? (Unreliable)
This is an automatic machine translation of the original English text. Such translations frequently contain serious errors.
??? (Unconfirmed)
This is a computerized translation of the ‘Simplified English’ text. Serious errors are less likely. But it has not yet been checked by a human operator; so such errors may still be present.
?? (Tested)
This translation was checked by a person who does not know this language. Instead, it is translated into English again. This is called ‘back-translation’. The test is passed if no serious translation errors are found. The translation is unlikely to contain serious errors. However, the quality may be quite poor.
? (Satisfactory)
This translation has been checked by a person who knows this language. The translation is thought to be acceptable. But we would still like to hear suggestions for improvement.
No Queries (Good)
This translation was edited by a person who speaks fluently in that language. No further improvements are expected.

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