Boardroom 240x240The purpose of this section is to provide a forum for some serious discussions about major life issues, such as its meaning and purpose, faith, morality, etc…

It is not our intention that such discussions should be restricted to people who see things the same way that we do. You are entitled to honestly disagree: but we expect participants to treat one another with respect and present their reasons without being gratuitously offensive: otherwise postings are likely to be cut or blocked.

However we do realise that, sometimes, contributors may still have something to say that is worth hearing, even though perhaps said in anger. In such cases,  we may elect to adjourn such discussions to our ‘Rantings‘ section.

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Do not so much answer questions as meditate on the implications that past and present events and discoveries may have for our attitude to life and the world we live in.
Occasionally, discussion of controversial issues can get overheated. This is a place where such ‘rantings’ may be quarantined, so key points can, hopefully, be examined further in a more constructive manner.
Look at some of the more difficult questions on a variety of issues – not to offer definitive answers; but point out alternative perspectives that could resolve the issue. Though sometimes these may open up even more questions …

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