The Power of Choice

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Can we really choose our destiny: or is our supposed freedom just an illusion?

The pages that follow can best be described as a “book blog.” For a couple of years now it has been on my mind to write a book on this subject: but it has become clear that unless I make some kind of start on the project it is not going to happen.

I do not want to write in a vacuum. I am interested in finding out if what I am saying is making sense to those who read it and discovering what adjustments I may need to make, either to my own thinking or how I express these ideas, in order to make this as helpful as possible to others. So please feel free to make use of the comments sections that will appear on each page. But be aware that, if this is eventually published, I may include your comments as part of the final text; so if you have any specific wish for your id to be either published or withheld, please make this clear at the time of posting.

You are free to honestly disagree with me or other commenters: but we expect participants to treat one another with respect and present their reasons without being gratuitously offensive: otherwise postings are likely be cut or blocked. Off-topic comments will not generally be posted: but may be moved to a more appropriate location if one exists on this site.

So here goes…

Is Freewill a Fantasy?

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