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Christianity is not about religion: it is about a person. That person, Jesus Christ, is the creator God; who took on our own human nature to reveal his love and make a way of restoring us to a relationship with Himself.

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Jesus Christ, the History Maker
An evaluation of the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.
Can We Do No Wrong?
One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of being a Christian concerns our attitude towards wrongdoing. What did Jesus and his disciples teach about this?
Government and Ministry in the Early Church
An in-depth study of the development of governmental structures in the New Testament church, and their relationship to ministry gifts.
The Triune God
A study showing how scripture brings us to the conclusion that, whilst there is only ONE God, that God is comprised of THREE distinct persons.
The Power of His Resurrection
A study on the ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ showing that, whilst spiritual fruit is even more important, the gifts are as relevant for us as the early church.

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